• Entry Requirements


    Qualifications in higher education have a high social and economic value. They represent significant learning achievement. Different qualifications have different intellectual demands and this is reflected in the different requirements for admission to the Higher Certificate, the Diploma and the Bachelor's Degree.

    The minimum requirements for the Bachelor's Degree are therefore particularly distinctive. We set the bar high enough to fairly reflect the cognitive demands that will be made on degree students to admit students who are likely to succeed in degree studies given good teaching, good resources and appropriate academic and other support.

    However, we do not make that decision alone, you make the decision together with us, because we regard you as an adult student responsible for own learning and commitment. 

    The learning assumed in place is Communication at NQF Level 4 and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4.

    If you do not have the basics* in place, write us a motivational letter why you will be the right candidate for our BBA learning programme. Include in your motivation your present qualifications, achievements and, if applicable, your work experience (whatever that work experience is). Just a one pager, written in conversation style English.

    *Basic minimum requirements set by government is a NSC (National Senior Certificate, with a minimum achievement of 30% in English (language of our learning and teaching) and 50-59% in four designated subjects)